Weekend Recap: 50 Shades of Brunchin’ it

Good morning & Happy MONDAY! This weather has me in such a great mood that I don’t even mind that it’s Monday. Spring is just around the corner and I am stoked. I just said stoked.

Anyways, this weekend was incredible and I’m a little sad it’s over already. But that just means I am one day closer to the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HALF this weekend!!!


Fun Fact: I almost went into meltdown mode yesterday when I realized I never got a confirmation email for the race. I dug through MONTH’S worth of credit card transactions because I couldn’t remember when I purchased them or IF I purchased them for that matter. (I would definitely not put that past myself) But I finally found the charge, thank goodness so I am IN! It was a close one, though.


My friends and I finally decided to check out the new iPic theatre in Rockville that everyone has been raving about for weeks! It’s pretty awesome and definitely worth $22. The large reclining seats were WAY more comfortable than your standard theatre seats, you get a pillow, blanket and a full food & drink menu to order at your pleasure. And unlimited popcorn. Oh yes.

We saw 50 Shades of Grey because we apparently were the only females in the world who hadn’t seen it yet. I haven’t read any of the books so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect considering you can’t really show all the subject matter without it being, well, a porno. But I liked it! Jamie Dornan is ridiculously attractive. I won’t give any spoilers but I will say I did not appreciate the cliff hanger. Rude.




After a fun night out, I did not wake up to my 6 a.m. alarm set for to meet my group run. OOPS.. It happens.

I met with my friends Amanda, Sophia & Ben for a mid-afternoon brunch in D.C. to celebrate Sophia’s birthday. We brunched at Agora, a cute little Mediterranean restaurant near Dupont Circle. It was a blast and the food was incredible!! We opted for their Bottomless Brunch where you can order anything off their brunch menu and of course, never-ending mimosas!

blondiesandburpees_asjblondiesandburpees_brunch1We ate hummus, baba ghanouj, htipiti, dolmades, cilbur, omelettes, eggs with sujuk, arugula salad, beet & orange salad, grilled cheese & tomato soup. I rarely have Greek or Mediterranean food (aside from hummus) so I wanted to try everything. And I did. I ate my weight, pretty much. #noragrats

blondiesandburpees_brunch3 blondiesandburpees_brunch2

Afterwards, we walked around D.C. for a bit, making a pit-stop at a tattoo parlor before I had to leave. (Don’t worry mom—no tattoos for me.) (Yet.)

Saturday evening I went to a cocktail reception for my boss’ wife at Black Rock Gallery in Germantown. Her work, “Vanishing” features several long exposure photographs of rural landscapes across North America. The scenes represent landscapes that are vanishing daily; silos and weathered barns being replaced by large industrial buildings. Each photo was truly amazing! She is an extremely talented photographer and it made me wish I stuck with photography more after high school.


Another run day! I was feeling extra groggy thanks to springing forward but I still managed to get out of bed and meet a running body for a 10-miler. Gotta love taper week!


Pre-run ritual!

We ran the Capital Crescent trail again since it seems to be the only trail that is well-kept after snow storms. We completely lucked out because the weather was GORGEOUS and we got to watch the sunrise while we chatted the hours away. Unfortunately, my GPS watch never caught my location (it seems to be doing that a lot lately. Hellooo birthday present!) so we ran at our own pace and ended up doing closer to 11/12 miles.

Afterwards, I raced home to shower up and head over to Arlington. I met up with a large group of Tone It Up girls at South Block Juice Co. in Clarendon. If you haven’t gone—go! They make some incredible juices (duh) and even MORE incredible acai bowls. Good thing it’s a little bit further from me because I could eat one every day!



Our friend Jennifer works at South Block Juice and arranged the meet up. They handed out swag bags filled with sunglasses, a coupon, gift card & a reusable South Block glass bottle. Kombucha refills for only $4–HOLLA! On top of everything, we also received 10% off our entire purchase. YUM! Thanks so much to Jen & Amir at South Block for hookin’ us #tiusisters up!!! See you next week 😉

blondiesandburpees_southblock blondiesandburpees_kale

The rest of my Sunday was spent celebrating my brothers birthday at Heavy Seas Alehouse in Rosslyn and then STUDYING ALL NIGHT! I have my first nutrition exam tonight. This is my first exam in about two years. HA!

Looking forward to an amazing, busy week! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday : )



4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: 50 Shades of Brunchin’ it

  1. Erin says:

    I feel tired from reading about your weekend!! Loved seeing you on Sunday and I’m so excited for you for Saturday. I know you’re going to have an awesome finish time.


  2. Jen B. says:

    Ahhhh I am so pumped for the half this weekend! I keep obsessively checking the weather and am scared we will be running in a monsoon!


    • Julia says:

      Oh my gosh I KNOW!!! I’m really hoping it miraculously gets pushed to rain more in the afternoon.. As of now they’re calling for it in the morning. BOO!


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