Friday Fun #2

Happy FriYAY! Here are a few things making me smile this week..

via: Buzzfeed

via: Buzzfeed

Ugh! This damn dress is EVERYWHERE. What do you see? I see blue and black. I can even see blue and gold (in certain photos.) But NO WHERE can I see white.. That part is just too dark! It’s a poorly lit photo. I don’t know. All I know is sh*t got real, sides were taken and nothing will ever be the same. Wired offers an explanation.


via: BusinessInsider

via: BusinessInsider

Ahhh. Season 3 went live at midnight last night and I’m SO excited to watch! My inner-binge-watcher is actually upset I didn’t pull an all-nighter watching! Silly responsibilities. But needless to say, I have some seriously fun Friday night plans involving Mr. President. (<– SPOILER) I’m also geeking out because I haven’t Netflix’d a really good show in a looong while.

  1. Six Reasons You Should Never Start Running
via: RunHaven

via: RunHaven

This article had me cracking up. All satirical, of course. SO TRUE about more sneakers than regular shoes. I’m very sentimental about every pair of Brook’s I’ve ever owned. They are starting to pile up in a little corner of my closet. 🙂



I decided to take a nutrition course this semester because I’m dabbling with the idea of going back to school. While that notion is still up in the air, I am LOVING the course. The subject matter is hard since science is not my best subject, but everything is so fascinating that I find myself immersed in the textbook. (This is, like, the SECOND textbook I’ve ever liked. My favorite ever was CenterBrain Thinking ) The information on food intake, the nutrition guidelines and the science behind digestion is starting to click and making so much sense that I’ve been able to apply it to my daily food choices. #nerdalert



This has been going around Instagram for a little while so I thought I’d join in on the fun!

1: It changes on a daily hourly basis but right now I can’t stop listening to Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) by Flight Facilities. It came on during my run earlier this week & I forgot how much I love it.
2: Zengo Cycle, for sure. I bought a package last month and quickly became obsessed.
3: Chicken Fettuccinne Alfredo is my weakness. Specifically, from Cheddars in Morgantown. It is the BEST damn Alfredo I’ve ever had.
4: Easy: Spinach protein pancakes!! I could eat these for every meal, no joke.
5: Apple Juice. I was an apple juice baby aaand my love for the stuff never really went away. I love apple anything, really!
6: It’s a toss-up between Fabletics & Old Navy. All of the clothing I’ve gotten from Fabletics is great and the quality is amazing; a little pricey but it lasts. Old Navy gear is cute, functional & affordable – WIN.
7:  One day I would love to complete an Ironman.
8:  One is to get back into the shape I was after last year’s Tone It Up Bikini Series. Best. Shape. Of. My. Life! And two–I guess the best way to hold myself accountable to this is to announce it publicly… I will be completing a full marathon by the end of 2015. Mark my words!
9: I get a ton of motivation from scrolling through the #runhappy & #getfit hashtags on instagram. I further explain my “why” here.
10: I tag everyone reading this to fill this out!


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’m looking forward to Netflix, a very exciting brunch that I’ll share details about on Monday and my last looong run before the Rock’n’Roll Half. I’ll be attempting to conquer 14 miles. Wish me luck!




3 thoughts on “Friday Fun #2

  1. Jen B. says:

    Ahhh LOVE H.O.C.! My husband and I are almost at the end of the second season & can’t wait to start the third! And for that damn dress–I see white and gold! My husband insists it’s black and blue hahaha. Who knew that thing could cause such a stir?! Ok now to avoid work I’m going to fill out your survey 🙂 1. Fave song (at least to work out to) Macklemore ‘Can’t hold us.’ 2. Fave workout is running by far. 3. Oooh this is tough–if I’m craving sweets, then probably something Oreo-related. In terms of dinner, I gotta go with pizza or eggplant parm because #carbs. 4. Smoothies or oatmeal! 5. Does champagne count? Or are we talking non-alcoholic? If that’s the case then diet coke, although I drink soda probably like once a year. 6. I love Oiselle for cute running stuff! And LuLu but that’s a splurge. 7. To complete a sub 2:00 half marathon! 8. To be better about strength training regularly. 9. Instagram definitely motivates me too–I look at #rundc quite a bit.


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