Friday Fun #1

These posts are always my favorite ones to read, so I thought I’d begin my own series! Here are some of the things that are making me smile this week. Hopefully it puts you in a good mood to begin your weekend. YAY! 🙂

WatkinsandCo Tone It Up Bracelet.


Follow Jayshree on Insta: @mrs_watkins723

AH! How cute?! Etsy can just have all of my money. I stumbled upon this adorable cuff on Instagram. Following a fellow TIU girl led me to Jayshree’s Etsy shop, WatkinsandCo. Bet your butt I’m buying one ASAP. She can also take custom orders! Here’s the link.

Its staying lighter, later.


So, I love winter and all, but it’s been a little depressing to miss all of the daylight most days. Getting to work just as the sun comes up and coming home after it’s down kinda leaves me feeling like a vampire. But in the past week I’ve noticed the sun staying up just a litttlee bit later each night. A.k.a. Spring & Summer are right around the corner. EEEk. It’s the little things!<3

Poet tweet.


Never stop learning about your mom’s vacuum cleaner.

I was having WAY too much fun with this last week… You type your twitter handle into the box and the site generates a poem based on your past tweets. In short: hysterical. It doesn’t always make sense but I found a few gems. And I also realize how often I use emojis… Sorry ’bout it. (Not really.)

Magic Mike 2 Trailer.


Okay so this totally came out last week BUT oh well. I might’ve watched it a few times… Is it July yet? Disclaimer: I’m not so sure this is suitable for work.



If there is ever a fruit that I underestimate.. It’s an orange. But they are in season on sale right now and I cannot seem to get enough! Tangy and wonderful. ❤

Espn E60 “Catching Kayla”


This is such an incredible story!! Despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at a very young age, Kayla Montgomery has beat the odds and become one of the of fastest young distance runners in the country. If you’re feeling a little uninspired and have a mere 15 minutes, watch this. Sooo many feels!!

Donut fundraiser.

ceeceeA friend of mine is running the Cupid’s Undie Run in D.C. this Sunday February 15th to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Bold Bite Bethesda has graciously offered to help her efforts by donating a portion of their sales this Saturday, February 14th from 8:30am-11:30am. If you’re in the area, be sure to swing by to taste their amazing donuts and help bring an end to NF. Good Luck, CeeCee—hope ya don’t freeze your butt off!!

Max Brenners Chocolate Bar


So.. I’ve only been twice (within the last week) but this place has quickly earned a little spot in my heart. Not only is the chocolate to die for, the shop itself is adorable & cozy. They really take your chocolate-indulgence to the next level by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. And if you’re slackin’ on the Valentine’s Day plans, this would be perfect. Just sayin..

And this.


Hope everyone has a great weekend & Happy Valentines!



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