Weekend Recap: Fillmore, Brunch & 5K

Good Morning!! Happy Monday! Actually.. Am I the only one suffering from Monday blues?? I had such a great time this weekend; I didn’t want it to end! LETS SEEE..

Late last week, my best friend & spontaneously decided to go to a concert at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. I need a little more live music in my life and what better spot? It’s super convenient and a little more intimate than nearby outdoor venues. I’m ashamed to admit that it was my first time visiting.. oops!

Montgomery Gentry, Gloriana, Maddie & Tae and Austin Webb were in town for the WMZQ Stars & Guitars show and everyone was amazing! I loved the set-up of the performances, too. Each act was on stage the entire time and would take turns singing. It was pretty cool to see everyone interact & joke around.


Some highlights of the night: Rachel of Gloriana dissing her ex on stage multiple times, a heavily intoxicated Eddie (of Montgomery Gentry) cursing the performers for cutting into his ‘drinking time’, Maddie & Tae performing ‘Sierra’ (REALLY funny lyrics) aaand about a hundred other things. Austin Webb’s backup singer is kind of attractive too 😉

After a lazy morning (a rare treat in my life) I met up with friends for brunch at Local 16 in D.C. If you haven’t gone yet—go! Bottomless mimosas/bellinis/bloodies, etc. with an entrée for $23. You get a two hour time window to enjoy yourself, too. Not too shabby! The food is delicious and the mimosas are HUGE. We decided they’re now to be called ‘Manmosas.’ (but really, I’m going to coin that term.)


Selfie-stick game strong

Afterwards, we did the touristy thing all around the city. ANOTHER rare treat in my life!! I realize that being from the DC area, I totally take it for granted & don’t do as nearly as much fun sightseeing as I should. Maybe a staycation is in my near future..? We checked out museums, tried new restaurants & ended the evening at a hole-in-the-wall bar. It was the best. 🙂


Sunday morning I woke up bright & early to do a 5K with some local Tone It Up girls. Love The Run Your With is an annual 5K race put on by Pacers in Pentagon Row—such a cute & fun Valentines-Day theme!


Team Love ’em or Leave ’em — duh!

When registering, you chose from three relationship statuses: single (“Cupid Stupid”), It’s Complicated (“Love ‘em or Leave ‘em”) or In-a-Relationship (“Co-Dependent”) and your bib color matches your relationship status. You literally wear your heart on your sleeve! It was such a blast, the crowds were rowdy & a complimentary drink at the end was nice. I’d definitely do it again!


I wrapped up my weekend soaking up the amazing weather with another run, grocery shopping, cooking for the week and planning a road trip for this Friday! A little last minute but it’s shaping up to be a wild one. Hope you all had an equally amazing weekend and HAVE A GREAT DAY!



One thought on “Weekend Recap: Fillmore, Brunch & 5K

  1. Jen B. says:

    I need to drag my butt over the Filmore sometime to catch a show! Also, that cupcake looks freaking amazing! So does the TIU 5K run–I need to get myself out to more TIU events!


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