Weekend Recap: Long Run, Philly & Super Bowl!

Ahh, how is it Monday already? And February?! I feel like time is flying by already this year! And furthermore, I’m finding there are not enough hours in the day for all that I want to get done! I can’t complain though. It just means I’m having too much fun & this weekend was no exception.

Friday nights are now my low-key nights thanks to half-marathon training. I used to suffer from MAJOR FOMO if I stayed in on a Friday. Now, it’s definitely my favorite night for a little “me-time.” My, my, how things change..

My friends & I had an overnight trip to Philly planned for Saturday so I took the time on Friday to do some laundry, pack and then catch up on TGIT with a glass of wine. (Sidenote: umm.. Scandal anyone?! WHAT?! The end of this season is going to be SO good.)



Saturday I woke up before the sun for my long run. I’m currently doing a speed development program through Montgomery County Road Runners Club (MCRRC) and am LOVING it so far. I’m planning a longer recap post of the program once it ends, but I can’t tell you how beneficial it is to have a knowledgeable coach, a set workout schedule and large group running with you. It makes the training so much more enjoyable! Fun Fact: I also realize it is the one setting where people can hold a conversation without the interruption of cell phones! (Guilty of this!)

Tuesday evenings are reserved for our track workouts/speed runs while Saturdays are for our long runs. This weekend was our 10-miler. Without a doubt, it was the coldest run of the year. Temperatures were between 14-18 degrees with wind gusts of around 15-20mph. Can you say BRR? Seriously. I was frozen. Runners are crazy. Thankfully after a few miles my fingers & toes thawed out and the sun came up, but I will DEFINITELY be investing in a face mask ASAP.


After the run, I quickly went home to shower & grab breakfast before hitting the road with my girlfriends for our trip to Philly! I’ve always loved road trips in general, but imagine five girls crammed into my tiny Corolla—it was a hysterical ride and a sight, I’m sure.

Once we arrived & checked into the hotel, we began our day of exploring the city. I’d never seen much of the statues, buildings and famous landmarks in the city so it was a lot of fun to see it in person. Of course our first stop was to see the Love statue 😉



Other highlights of the trip included: art murals on buildings, posing with statues, a hole-in-the-wall Irish bar, the Liberty Bell, Reading Market Terminal with chocolate-covered-EVERYTHING and a great juice bar, getting lost every 5 minutes thanks to our lack of direction, charades in the hotel room, a night out in center city, cheese-steak tasting (unanimous decision that we did NOT care for Geno’s) and a cute coffee shop with the best cannoli’s I’ve ever had! Ahh, Philly. We will be back!


Reading Market Terminal


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cannoli  


Pineapple Ginger & Spinach Juice

I wrapped up the weekend at a friend’s Super Bowl Party. I’ll admit, I was mostly there for the food, good company & commercials. 🙂  No surprise my favorites were the Budweiser “Lost Dog” and P&G Always #LikeAGirl campaign. I’m still recovering from the Nationwide Commercial.. don’t want to talk about it! But seeing Heisenberg and The Dude more than made up for it.

Another weekend for the books! Here’s to a ridiculously busy (but awesome!) week ahead.



6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Long Run, Philly & Super Bowl!

  1. Jen B. says:

    Ok all your food pics made me drool. Now I want cannolis and cheesesteaks for dinner! I hear ya about the cold runs–I actually bought a running scarf from Lululemon for like $20 and LOVE it. It has a drawstring so you can put it around your nose/mouth, or leave it loose just around your neck. Plus, it comes in a cute purple color too!


    • Julia says:

      What!? $20 from Lulu? Madness. I’ll definitely have to check that out! A running scarf sounds perfect 🙂
      and PS-if you DO get cheesesteaks in Philly, I’ve been informed that Pat’s is the place to go!


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